• 1973, All-Asia Missions Consultation in Seoul, Korea
  • 1975, The 1st Convention in Seoul, Korea: Inauguration of Asia Missions Association
 – “The First Convention of AMA, Seoul, Korea”
  • 1978, The 2nd Convention in Singapore – “Strengthen and Lengthen” (Isaiah 54:2)
  • 1982, The 3rd Convention in Seoul, Korea – “Isaiah 62:10”
  • 1986, The 4th Convention in Pasadena, USA – “Peace Council of World Christians”
  • 1991, The 5th Convention in Utsunomiya, Japan – “World Christian for World Mission”
  • The 6th Convention in Kobe, Japan – “Mission to the World for Glory to God and Peace on Earth”
  • The 7th Convention in Jakarta, Indonesia – “Missionary Vision for the Third Millennium”
  • The 8th Convention in Moscow, Russia – “New Global Partnership for World Mission”
  • The 9th Convention in Ephesus, Turkey – “Mission, The Apostolic Way”
  • The 10th Convention in Jakarta, Indonesia – “Asian Churches in Global Mission”
  • The 11th Convention in Inchon, Korea – “Discipleship in the 21st Century Mission” (Luke 9:23)

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